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Carioca Boutique – A fusion of Greek elegance and Brazilian aesthetics in Samos.

The new entrance to Kokkari square, Carioca Boutique is a fashion gem that offers a delightful fusion of Greek elegance and Brazilian vibrancy. This chic boutique caters to both women and men, presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of apparel and accessories from talented Greek designers. Specializing in high-quality linen fabrics, Carioca Boutique’s clothing line is perfect for sunny days in Samo.

A standout feature of the boutique is its collection of handmade Brazilian swimsuits, each piece embodying the lively spirit and rich culture of Brazil. Shoppers will find exquisite designs from renowned Brazilian brands such as Aqua di Cocco from São Paulo and Locoloco from Rio de Janeiro, celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique styles. These swimsuits offer a splash of South American flair, making them a perfect addition to any beach wardrobe.

Carioca Boutique also offers a wide range of stylish accessories, including chic hats, trendy bags, and the ever-popular Havaianas flip flops, which are ideal for a day at the beach or exploring the charming streets of Kokkari. Each accessory is selected to complement the boutique’s fashion offerings, allowing shoppers to create a complete and fashionable look.

Whether you’re seeking sophisticated evening attire, casual beachwear, or the perfect accessory to complete your outfit, Carioca Boutique promises a unique shopping experience with its blend of Mediterranean charm and Brazilian exuberance. A visit to this boutique is a must for fashion enthusiasts looking to enhance their wardrobe with exclusive, high-quality pieces.

Opening hours:
Every day:10:00 - 23:00 | May - October
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