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Samos Young Artists Festival

Samos Young Artists Festival
07 – 13 August 2021 |  Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion

Organised by the Schwarz Foundation, this year’s Samos Young Artists Festival is taking place at the ancient theatre of Pythagorion, Samos from August 7 to 13.
Featuring emerging musicians and internationally renowned performers alongside with qualitative music making.
Experiencing new productions, projects of musical exchange and interpretations of classical works in an ancient theatre of exceptional natural beauty–overlooking the coasts of Turkey– is a memorable experience for those who consider including music in their summer plans.
With a yearly programme of concerts, we are aiming to encourage the development of relationships between society, nations and arts.
The Festival’s artistic directors, pianist Masha Ilyashov & cellist Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos curate this year’s programme that extends from the Baroque era to contemporary works.

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Samos Young Artists Festival

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