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Ireon Music Festival – Three day musical trip to Ireon in Samos

Ireon Music Festival is the summer’s biggest music event in the Aegean.
A three-day musical trip to Ireon in Samos on August 7-8-9.

Day 1 | 07.08.2023
Pavlos Pavlidis & Hotel Alaska

Day 2 | 08.08.2023

Day 3 | 09.08.2023
Pyx Lax

Summer 2023, Ireon Music festival – Where sounds inspire.

More info:
Facebook: Ireon.Music.Festival
Instagram: ireonmusicfestival


Pavlos Pavlidis & Hotel Alaska

Pavlos Pavlidis along with Hotel Alaska are touring and hit the road this summer of 2023 with scheduled appearances in several popular venues all over Greece.
They are coming to present us a dynamic best off program of his discography, from the unforgettable era of Xylina Spathia to his latest album “Το Μαύρο Κουτί” (“The Black Box”) released in December 2021.
Hotel Alaska never stop experimenting, evolving their sound and reapproaching Pavlos Pavlidis material, giving it a new character, thus creating an explosive musical result.


OCEANDVST’ s journey begins in the middle of 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
They burst onto the scene with their self-released EP called “Escape Rovte” and they started gaining a remarkable fan base from their very beginning. The release of “Escape Rovte” was followed by two music videos and one lyric video which they became unexpectedly popular in a very short time, while in 2019 was released the single “Isn’t Love Supposed to Be a Good Thing?” which marked the end of a big chapter. In the end of 2019, the band moved on in a new era with a new line-up and more determined than ever to turn its goals and dreams into reality! This new era begins with the release of the single “Nightmare (Halsey cover)”, which reached the Number 1 song for four weeks straight 1055 Rock radio. Some of the most remarkable moments of the band are Schoolwave Festival, Street Mode Festival, Coca-Cola Stories with Solmeister and more!
Their sound varies between rock, punk and alternative sounds with bands like Tonight Alive, My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots and Paramore being their main influences. What characterizes them the most is their charismatic singer with her warm and colorful voice and the intensity of their songs. Most people would describe their live show as a wholehearted, impulsive and energetic experience. In our days that people pay less and less attention to the magic of pure music, OCEANDVST’s vision is to make music personal and heartfelt again.


Substitutive sound, provocative lyrics and chaotic compositions. These are Fundracar. A heretic group that creates the sound waves of universal psychedelia and trippy punk. Their music is a religious experience.
Their rhythm is a blend of twisted folk ecstasy and grooves from hell. Bringing together different musical worlds, they achieve something unique: distorted electric guitars and dynamite bass, floating synths and saxophone from beyond, beatbox and shamanic percussion make up their subversive musical identity that leads to take-off with punk energy for fuel. With Mario Davelis as high priest, they transmit the intoxication and ecstasy of the stage, framed by music that evokes primitive vibrations.


Pyx Lax are here with us this summer of 2023
We welcome this summer’s music festivities with Pyx Lax! Everywhere and always, together with these legendary pioneers of Greek rock, who embody the unifying power of music, its social character, who enliven groups and set emotions on fire.
The eternal favorites of the Greek public sing about “old” and new loves, explore their art, seek and build new musical identities but above all they continue to do what they know best, to perform live!
Pyx Lax, thriving and resilient, express the classic, the timeless, that which is not lost, that is not forgotten, that is not faded by the passage of the ephemeral. Their lyrics and music are distinguished not only for their melodiousness but also for their universality. They continue to vibrate the soul of thousands of people, young and old.
With their new tour, PYX LAX open the door to their audience again this year and invite everyone to an unforgettable musical evening.
PYX LAX, a love that refuses to fade and that remains fiery!


The band ATRAPOS (meaning difficult path, uncertain, or grape press) was created about two years ago as a continuation of ZVOURES band. What do ipirotiki music have to do with swing, Crete with Africa or jazz with folk music? This freedom of expression through different and heterotropic sound colors of our traditional music and the westernized rhythms of jazz, funk, bossa, rock, punk, are the basic ingredients of the same compositions for the most part of ATRAPOS.