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Fotonisos Arts organizes the 4th Arts Festival – East End

4th Samos Arts Festival – East End Celebrates Art, Culture, and History in Karlovasi of Samos island

4thSamosArtsFestival-East_End_in-samosFotonisos Arts & Culture AMK organizes the 4th Arts Festival of Samos – East End from November 3rd to 19th with two parallel events on November 24th and 25th. The source of inspiration for this year’s festival is the rich historical, economic and social past of the island of Samos, as well as expressions of the contemporary life of its inhabitants.In this context, files from the digitized family albums of the island’s residents are being used, a project that Fotonisos has undertaken voluntarily since 2020.The events of the East End Festival will take place in the city of Karlovasi and in the villages of Kontakaiika, Kontaiika, Hydroussa, Kastania and Agioi Theodores.

The main art exhibition “Travellers” will take place at the Erato Hotel, in the port of Karlovasi, in which renowned artists and students of art schools (Nikos Arvanitis, Vassilakakis Vassilis, Venetis Christos, Keramaris Christos, Marlaka Persephone, Tsemeli Maria, Tsialiou Mantha, Christopoulos) will participate Kostas), the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Piraeus, the Institute for the Study of Local History and Business History (IMTIIE) and the Photographic Department of Fotonisos.


4th Samos Arts Festival “East End” 

There will be outdoor exhibitions of old photos from the island’s past (“Portraits of the Ruin” and “A Souvenir in the Port”), 40 flexible postcard exhibitions in places where people meet (schools, coffee shops, barbershops, car repair shops, etc.) , screening of the short film “Dark sea”, presentation of the photographic book “162 Meters (above the sea) / Archives of memories – Kontakaiika Samos” and a musical event by the band Atrapos.

On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November, the scientific two-day event “Built culture: Past, present and future of the building stock in Karlovasi Samos” will take place, with the aim of the historical reference to the rich industrial past of the island, the presentation of the modern image of the building stock and submitting proposals for its management.
The visual communication of the festival has been undertaken for another year by the Bend Hyperstudio creative office.
The festival is co-organized with the Municipality of West Samos, under the auspices and financial support of the Ministry of Culture and under the auspices of the Hellic Tourism Organization.

More information: East End Festival – Photonisos


4th Samos Arts Festival “East End”