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14th Ireon Music Festival

14th Ireon festival 2017

14th Ireon Music Festival 2017
We are proud to announce you that since 2003 we have been organising and celebrating Ireon Music Festival. The recipe for success is a combination of volunteering, our love for good music and our love for the island we live on. An amazing three day festival full of music is about to come and Ireon village is ready to receive and welcome its guests. The meeting date is set and the countdown has begun. This summer 2017, we are going to be at Ireon Music festival, where the sound and music provide inspiration.
Program Ireon Music Festival 2017
Monday August 7 |  GATE OPEN  21:00
Konstantinos Vita | Yiannis Agelakas  & The 100º C
Thuesday August 8 | GATE OPEN 21:00
Elxi8 | Koza Mostra | V.I.C – Villagers of Ioannina City
Wednesday August 9 | GATE OPEN 21:00
Rockmantics | Jimmys Panousis
Ticket prices
Three day ticket: € 25
Day 1: € 10 | Day 2: € 10 | Day 3: € 12

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