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E-thagorio – E-bike rentals

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Explore Samos with e-bikes – E-thagorio e-bike rentals

E-Thagorio is the premier e-bike rental destination in the heart of Pythagorio, Samos. Nestled on the main road in Pythagorio, it offers an exceptional e-bike experience designed to elevate your island adventure.
Their fleet features leading brands known for their reliability and performance, ensuring an enjoyable ride through the picturesque landscapes of Samos

At E-Thagorio, they provide more than just a rental service. The bikes are fully equipped with essential accessories, enhancing your journey with added comfort and convenience. Whether you’re traveling alone or exploring with friends and family, we have the perfect e-bike to suit your needs.

What sets E-Thagorio apart is the exclusive transportation service, designed to make your journey seamless. They offer personalized pick-up and drop-off options, ensuring you can start your adventure from your hotel. The E- thagorio team is dedicated to excellent support, available to assist you with route planning, local information and any technical needs during the rental period.
Safety is paramount at E-Thagorio. All rentals include comprehensive insurance. They maintain equipment to the highest standards, providing reliable and well-maintained e-bikes for a hassle-free experience.

Discover the beauty of Samos with the freedom and ease of an e-bike from E-Thagorio. Whether you are looking for leisurely walks or more challenging trails, e-thegorio  ensures an unforgettable and eco-friendly exploration of this enchanting Greek island.

Opening hours:
Every day: 09:00 - 21:00
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