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Discover Samos – Tours with Licensed Guides

Discover Samos with the only licensed guides , Irene and Joi,. As the only licensed guides on Samos, they bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring you experience the island’s most charming sites and local museums. Their extensive training and deep knowledge of Samos ensure that your visit will be both enriching and memorable.

Samos is a treasure for wine lovers, history buffs, and food enthusiasts. With its lush vineyards, ancient ruins, and vibrant culinary scene, the island offers countless delights to captivate every visitor. Irene and Joi are experts at creating tailor-made tours that cater to your unique interests, providing an insider’s view of Samos that few tourists experience.

The licensed guides will lead you through the island’s rich history, introduce you to the finest local wines, and help you discover the flavors of traditional Greek cuisine. They know the hidden gems and the stories behind each site, making your tour both informative and enjoyable. Whether you’re exploring picturesque villages, visiting renowned museums, or tasting the local food, the guides will ensure your journey is personalized and unforgettable.

Choose the licensed guides for a truly exceptional travel experience. Contact Irene and Joi to book your tailor-made tour and uncover the magic of Samos with the the island’s most knowledgeable experts.

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